1. Who is GoInterpay?
    GoInterpay provides a one stop globalization solution for eRetailers by connecting them with the best providers in payment processing, shipping and logistics, fraud screening, and risk management.

  2. How does it work?
    The GoInterpay InnovateNetwork has formed the relationships with the best providers in each industry needed to take your webstore global. We then assess your store, industry and growth plans and connect you to the right network to take your ebusiness to a truly global level.

  3. Do you provide training?
    The integration process includes training as well as a continued support network following the Go Live date.

  4. How do I get started?
    Fill in the eMerchant application and then begin discussions with your assigned account executive.

Payment Processing

  1. Do I have to switch payment processors?
    You will be connected with a payment processor who best suits your international needs profile, but may maintain the relationship with your domestic processor.

  2. Will this affect the relationship with my current payment processor?
    No, domestic processing will not be affected at all. GoInterpay only handles the foreign transactions and supplies you with the reporting and payment in your accepted currency.

  3. Do I have to apply for additional payment products or gateways?
    If GoInterpay becomes Merchant of Record then one application will provide you with all payment products upon approval.
    If you choose to remain Merchant of Record then you will need to apply for the various payment products but can do so through GoInterpay.

  4. What payment methods will I be able to accept?
    You can accept any payment methods relevant to the target markets established in your growth plan.

  5. Do I need a merchant account?
    No, GoInterpay will be Merchant of Record.

  6. Can I be Merchant of Record?
    If you wish to remain Merchant of Record you may choose to do so, however you will be required to apply for the various payment products on your own through GoInterpay.

Shipping and Logistics

  1. How much will shipping cost?
    Shipping costs will vary depending on the provider you are connected with and the target markets outlined in your growth plan. Please contact us for specific details.

  2. How are duty and taxes calculated?
    Duties and taxes are calculated using HS Catalogue Code Classification. You provide the HS Code to GoInterpay and we will input into the system to calculate the duties and taxes.


  1. What is the benefit of localization?
    Localization increases conversion rates by making the shopper feel more comfortable in the store environment.

  2. What are the core concepts of localization?
    Geolocation Ip Recognition for localized pricing, payment products, language, and marketing.

  3. How does GoInterpay provide localized pricing?
    Through the MicroFx engine, GoInterpay is able to provide wholesale foreign exchange rates direct from the trade floor. Transactions are settled like for like and processed by GoInterpay at the predetermined exchange rate, then settled into your account in your home currency.


  1. What is the InnovateNetwork?
    The GoInterpay InnovateNetwork is an integrated network of companies dedicated to pushing the limits of what is possible for international e-commerce technology.

  2. Who will I work with?
    GoInterpay will connect you with a partner who best fits your particular needs/industry from the applicable sections of the InnovateNetwork.

  3. Who is part of the InnovateNetwork?
    GoInterpay has an extensive partnership application process to ensure only the best in the industry are part of the InnovateNetwork.


  1. What fraud measures are in place?
    GoInterpay applies a multi-layer Fraud detection and prevention system through several partnerships. The initial layers apply a proactive approach to screen any transactions before the opportunity for fraud presents itself by going through auto analytics and, if necessary, a manual review by the GoInterpay Fraud team.