About GoInterpay

Why does GoInterpay only support retailers?

There is a lot of nuance and sophistication necessary to develop a successful plan for global payments management and it is different for retail, digital and travel merchants.

GoInterpay focuses on currency and payment product requirements for retailers to provide the same depth of understanding and process that leading retailers utilize. We pride ourselves in thoughtful product integration that considers all functionality throughout the retail payments lifecycle including alternative payments optimization, transactional currency controls, guaranteed currency rates through refund and in-country payments.

Do I need my own merchant account and entity in countries I want to accept payments in?

No. The GoInterpay core banking connections allow retailers to leverage our entity structure. Merchants with multiple entities can optimize via your existing merchant account structure.

What are in-country payments and how are they different then alternative payments?

Alternative payments include all payments outside of the standard credit card networks. Consumers in many countries prefer to pay via these payment methods that include real time banking solutions, cash based payments and wallets.

In-country payments include optimization for alternative payments and processing of card payments through the local banks. In-country payments always increase approval rates and decrease fees. In the competitive retail space it is critical that retailers offer in-country payments in established competitive markets like Europe, Canada, United States and Australia.

How is cross border processing different from in-country payments?

While cross border payments process in a local currency, the transaction is still processed with your domestic provider. For example, if you are a US merchant selling into Europe with Euro pricing and processing, the transaction is still processed in the US. Unfortunately, in some major countries within Europe, Australia, Canada and the United States cross border processing decreases conversions, increases fees and charges consumers cross border fees.

In-country payments are processed locally which will always increase conversion, lower fees and eliminate additional consumer fees.

What payment methods do you support?

GoInterpay supports over 100 payment methods globally and in-country payments for over 20 countries. We offer every important payment method for retailers. When evaluating providers, it is important to note that many alternative payments are not appropriate for retailers. More is not better.

Do you work with companies domiciled outside of the US and Europe?

Yes. We work with companies domiciled throughout Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Do you provide guaranteed currency conversion? Why is this important?

Yes we do. This is critical for retailers to reconcile their accounts and calculate global pricing strategies to fully understand margin and eliminate exposure risk. Our transactional currency controls are designed specifically for retailers.

Do you accept PayPal as a payment method?

Yes. Paypal is part of our core offering. The advantages of working with GoInterpay as your Paypal provider are lower rates on processing and currency conversion. Converting Paypal to GoInterpay is often the best way a retailer can save significantly on their global processing fees.

Do you provide fraud management?

Yes. GoInterpay can manage your entire fraud solution.

Our global fraud team either helps fraud teams design and execute on their own global fraud strategy or we provide fraud management as part of your service package taking on the fraud management and risk on your behalf. It’s your choice.

How do I know my money is safe?

GoInterpay processes its Merchant’s transactions with the utmost care and security. GoInterpay is fully PCI Level 1 compliant and monitored by SecurityMetrics, an ASV and a QSA for the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.

Furthermore, GoInterpay is a division of Calforex, Calforex is a globally licensed financial institution providing a high level of cross border financial services and products since 1983. Operating according to prevailing legislation is a fundamental practice. As licensed money services business Calforex has implemented a thorough and complete compliance regime to comply with anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing requirements as mandated by Canadian, US, UK, EU and Australian law and legislation. This program is based on a strong foundation to comply with the requirements of client identification, record keeping and reporting and further developed into an organized, efficient and monitored system of comprehensive compliance.

How is GoInterpay different from other payment providers?

Imagine if you went to a site and they only offered Discover as payment method in GBP and charged you an extra 5% fee. This is what some consumers currently see at checkout if you aren’t optimized.

GoInterpay is the only global payment provider to provide core connections to in-country payments and transactions currency controls for retailers. This allows any sized retailer to immediately compete with the top retailers in the world and remain relevant (attracting consumers instead of repelling them).

How often will you settle payments to my bank account?

By default we settle two times a week. Daily settlement is available depending on volumes and payment products being utilized.

Is GoInterpay PCI compliant?

GoInterpay processes its Merchant’s transactions with the utmost care. GoInterpay is fully PCI Level 1 compliant and monitored by SecurityMetrics, an ASV and a QSA for the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.

Is every business accepted as a customer?

GoInterpay works with a range of financial partners who have specific acceptance criteria. Retailers with good financial standing generally get accepted. There are certain exceptions around certain industry segments and restricted products.

My current payments work fine, why should I change?

GoInterpay has a sole focus on the retail industry, with core connections to financial institutions providing transactional currency and payment processing cost savings. Our retail optimized technology provides for a constantly competitive global payments platform that has proven to significantly increase the opportunity and upside of any global deployment.

We are in total alignment with our retailer partners. The more successful you are, the more successful we are. We understand global payments aren’t the center of your universe. It’s the consumer. Our constant curiosity around the global consumer, allows us to work closely with retailers to differentiate their business with a complete understanding of the value chain including logistics, marketing, customer service and more.

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